i couldn’t care less if kids in school like me, as long as I have a connection with staff then im good

"عِندَمآ أحَببتُكِ؛ أحْببتُ مْدينَة تَسكُنيها، أحَببتُ حُروفَ إسمُكِ، صَوتكِ، ضَحكتُكِ، أحَببتُكِ أنتِ و كَل مْآيتَعلقُ بكِ.
When I loved you; I loved the city that you lived in, I loved the spelling of your name, your voice, your laugh, I loved you and everything about you."

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May or may not be on much anymore just to let you guys know


Twenty One Pilots - Migraine 

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can the united states just chill for one day

bitch the USA hasn’t chilled since fuck boy Chris sailed his ass here by mistake


Real Friends | Cover You Up.


Real Friends | Cover You Up.


I just want a girl who will lay with me every night and let me hear her voice until I fall asleep. Or when my day sucks, she just comes up to me and lets me wrap her up with my arms, kiss her forehead and play with her hair. Or when she’s not doing so well, I can take care of her, just let her relax and not worry about a thing. I’m ready to settle down and give her everything she could ever ask for. Call me simple, but I honestly couldn’t ask for any better than that.


How beautiful is it when you meet a person who looks at the world the same way you do?